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Time Warner LogoTime Warner Cable is on my list, yet again.  You would think that I would learn, but no, I can’t seem to get that down.  What has my most recent ire raised in the TWC’s direction?  Several things, so why don’t you pull up a chair and read for a bit…

First of, there is the why I am still even with TWC? To make a long story short, we did cut the cable television back sometime in 2013.  We did at that time keep TWC as our internet provider.  The rates they offered for the bandwidth were competitive with the primary competition in the market and the switch was seemingly not worth the hassle for the small amount of savings that would have been garnered.

But the reality is cutting the cord to the television service, even for the small amount to television that my wife and I seem to watch is problematic.  I can name, and count while doing so, the shows we watch regularly on one hand.  Two if I include those extra shows that I record and mostly fast forward through.  But lets face it, waiting to catch “The Big Bang” and “Walking Dead” either on Netflix or syndication puts you behind in any conversations about the next few days.  And lets face it, that real-time social interaction is at least part of our enjoyment of such things on some level.  And while those extra few shows are not required, the one episode of Bill Dance that show some crappie technique that I was interested makes a world of difference in the justification of the cost.  And while almost all UK games were available at some location out when not on a ‘regular’ broadcast network, that was not always handy, and I refuse to miss a few games with this team coming up on a principle stand like that.  So, when we moved, part of our savings in rent went to put cable back in the house.

I had been debating of changing to a different provider as the offers look good.  But you have to read the fine print and when you get the options that make one of the two satellite companies about the equivalent package, your cost is with about $10 of being the same after all.  Add to that, once again the hassle of not only changing that out, but why would you keep internet with TWC?  And that is a second change, along with the hassle that goes with it.

But then I made the mistake of chatting on-line with a service representative about just where I could find the SEC Network on my local TWC.  I had been reading it was going to be available on TWC’s network and it was supposed to have launched last week at some point.  As the latter three games of the UK basketball tour way down south was supposed to be on that network.  Yet I could not find it on my guide and the website kept saying it was going to be available, but any guides there did not seem to list either even though the pages seem to indicate that is how I would find where it is.

The CSR suggested to me that it will be on channel 336 in my area.  I wan than told, that while it is up, there is something about the implementation that is being problematic in my area and it may not be up yet for my house.  To just keep trying.  Call me skeptical as that 336 is in a block of children’s networks – not anywhere near where the typical sporting type of networks.  And as of last eve, it was still not available.

Than the fatal question, is there anything else I can help you with?  And I mistakenly brought up that my Discovery HD sometimes drops on specifically on Tuesday evening (as that is when I watched it).  I was careful to stress it occurs with other channels on occasion, even the CN2 (the local cable weather and news channel).  He said he could fix that no problem, just need to send some information and reset my box so the signal strength would be stronger.

After long minutes of things not doing what he said they would, he finally said that it was a broadcaster issue and not Time Warner.  Keep in mind it was multiple channels, I had just specifically mentioned the one channel.  When I complained that I thought his answer was BS, he scheduled a service tech – which itself took three times for him to understand that I would be working 8:00-5:00 daily during the week.

The back stab come though, when on the following day our shows that were set to record did not.  In fact almost all of our recordings, all but 3, of around 20 that were set, were gone upon investigation.  So yeah, there was some kind of reset all right.  At this point, I am not sure if Discovery will crap out tonight or not.  That situation does not really apply anymore as the show that was Tuesday night has had its run and will not be back until next spring sometime.

But now I am left to wonder with the next round of combinations in the market, how much worse things will get on that front.

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  1. I completely understand your pain with TWC. I decided yesterday that I will be switching from TWC to ATT U-Verse on Thursday. It is less of a hit on my wallet each month, and also combines my cellphone bill with the cable/internet bill at home, which for me is wonderful. Personally, I think TWC needs to retrain their CSR’s, and work on the product they provide to their customers, because I for one – have reset my dvr and extra cable box quite a few times in the two years we’ve used them for service.

    1. I deal a LOT with ATT in my job – as even if your circuits (in my area) are coming in last mile with someone else, odds are the rest of the miles (and really, even to the building) are still with AT&T. I would actually consider the ATT U-Verse product, at least give a try and see, but not available in my residential area – at least when I called about it in the spring.

    1. I have thought about that and I may still do it before the end of the year based on this kind of service. The cost works out to the same and than I am dealing with two companies instead of one. I have heard Direct is only marginally if any at all better on the CSR front though.

    1. Thanks… so how is it? What does a standard package with ESPN, SEC network, outdoor channel, AMC, and the like cost – no premiums, but the step up from the bottom end is kind of what I am thinking. I looked into one of those, started at 39.99 (which is less than we pay) but the add ons and such made it just about the same. Do you have cutouts when weather is bad?

      1. I am thinking we have the top 120 package (would have to ask Wesley for certain) and we pay roughly $100 a month. That is for 4 TV’s and DVR. New customers are way cheaper though. We complain every little bit and get hbo or showtime free or bill credits. We do have cutouts with really bad weather or really heavy rain, but really isnt that often. I know we have SEC network – I think it is 408 for us. Dont know if this interests you or not but we do have the HD channels.

        1. We may have to talk in the next some little bit… (not sure when I will be in the mood again) but sounds like a pretty good deal. And of course would have to have HD. I can’t watch regular broadcast resolution these days for the most part – especially not anything that is live action, which for the most part is what I watch.

  2. I just moved down here, and have regular issues with DVR freezing up, yesterday went 8hrs with no phone or internet, and for about the last 2hrs without phone or internet as well.

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