TopCashBack – Get $15 Free.

Top Cash Back logoNot my usual thing, but I had such a good experience with e-bates back earlier in the year that when I saw this deal I figured why not.  So the basics are sign up with TopCashBack.  Click the link I have provided below and purchase a gift card from Raise.  A few weeks later get your $15 in your TopCashBack account.

On to the details. is a cash/rebate site.  Currently they are looking to drive new sign ups with a deal in conjunction with Raise, where any purchase of a gift card gets you $15.00 cash back.  TopCashBack has good reviews, though you will find a couple of reviews that say they are shady.  I have limited experience, but I know I saw the same with e-bates and some people just don’t read things or follow the steps.  Anyway, you can sign up for TopCashBack.

Once you have signed up, click on this link to go to the Raise gift card site.  The deal is you have to make a purchase of a gift card from that site by midnight tonight – I assume that is Pacific time but not sure.  And yeah, this deal came from the Cheapskate at CNET originally.  My understanding you get the $15 deal on any purchase – so if you want, find a $1.00 gift card/certificate deal.  As for me, I am saving money on a gift card that I will use anyway, so not a big deal to go ahead with a $20-25 dollar card.

My understanding is it takes about a week for the $15 to credit back to you account.  I further understand you can get that as a direct deposit to your checking account, Pay-Pal account,  or Amazon Gift card.  I further understand it is a few weeks before you can request a payout, but not sure about the time on that, as I have seen a couple of different things from a week to 90 days?  Maybe this is the shady aspect – regardless it is free money.

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