TortureThe current big news (aside from a an extension for the operating budget of course) is the recent release of the Senate’s report regarding the ‘enhanced’ methods used after 9/11 to gather information.  In another word, and I said it at that time, it is a report on the US government and specifically the CIA using torture.

I recall at the time getting into some heated discussions about the use of such drastic methods.  I recall too how Senator McCain, much to my dismay supported the bills that were coming through the process that would allow such things, supposedly to a limit less than what occurred.

It seems that most everyone in Washington is now in agreement with my questioning of such methods, excepting those that were involved in the process and most Republican office holders.  Of note though, is that McCain agrees with the report and really questions the methods that were used.  Which is something, given his personal history, I had really wondered how was coming down where he seemed to have in the past.

The bottom line is this, if we are going to hold ourselves above the rest of the world in most regards, we have to act the part and not stoop to the levels other groups would.  Period.   There is not any argument that holds up to that.

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