Update on Life

First things first – for those that were watching (don’t think it was many), IBitzer as a pup. have moved the blog from the free space over on WordPress.com to my own hosted space at mephistos.com using the wordpress engine and such. I have, as was stated in one of the two post from so long ago, felt a major need to for an outlet of this nature. Hopefully, with this move and a bit more time, I will get more opportunity to post things here.

As to life, a lot of things that were started back a little while ago have been done since my last post. Most notably is that I have moved away from the farm. I think I made reference to that being about ready to occur before. If not, my apologies, but it has occurred. Along the process of that came the selling of LOTS of stuff, including some horses, the moving around remaining horses, getting rid of a lot of stuff and just a general streamlining and reorganizing of my life.

In regards to the moving, it is worthy to be noted, that Lil’ Bit (the 2nd dog) is now the owner of a very happy eight year old in North Carolina. Santa was running a bit behind and due to schedules and such was not able to make that delivery until January 7th, but all accounts are that it was still a well received gift. There is still some bonding to be done there, but it is going along nicely. Oh, and the dog also owns the Mom of said eight year old boy, perhaps at this point, even more so. An aside here, my best canine friend, Bitzer, tried to get herself lost while I was on vacation in North Carolina. A HUGE THANKS to the lady that posted the sign and took her to the emergency clinic she worked at there in the area in North Carolina. I forgot the name of both, but it is written down, and I will not forget the kindness anytime soon. Bitzer as a pup - 200

Speaking of all the stuff and the reorganizing of my life. As I was going through the moving process I looked around at all the STUFF that I had. And when I started really looking hard, I began to realize that I really didn’t need or even desire to have a lot of the STUFF – that basically means that my STUFF was really garbage. Having gotten rid of so much stuff really has lightened & enlightened my entire outlook on life. I highly recommend that everyone give some effort to that in the coming month or two as a net positive to their life.