Very Funny – Thanks XKCD!

Not my usual style to be sure, but here are a couple of really funny XKCD strips from that last few days. For those wondering, XKCD is highly amusing comic strip with very simply drawn characters. The funny usually comes from highly educated persons point of view in regards to the rest of the world. I high recommend it and have marked to auto show on the days of the new strips. Also, there usually a bonus ad lib one-liner if you mouse over. Not humor for everyone, but anyone who does research, technology, or science will usually find them hilarious. Warning though, if you are an art history kind of person you may occasionally get a zing thrown your way…

Mouse over was very spot on and the best part – what about the folks that can’t join community because of the inability to determine what a constructive comment is – oh.

You have no idea how many times I have wished for this to be a true dream.