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Web Page - ComputerI fully realize that the vast majority of folks that read this blog are not so interested in the technological aspects of things, but there are a few that read here that are.  Besides, as I have noted before in here, given the nature of my job the technological information is easy for me to spout off when I am busy with other things, especially as I am usually looking at some of it from some perspective or another in relation to something I am doing for work.  Further, sometimes when the thoughts in my head are in dark grim emotional place it is just better to write about something that is generally going to relate to emotions on a very nominal level at best.  So for those that do not appreciate or care for the technology turn back in either later this eve or on the morrow, I promise to amuse you soon and for this early eve some technology that will help you with your website promotion and traffic generation as well as a couple of just cool tools.

  • The most cool tool and the one that really does not have much to do with web site placement and traffic general is fotoviewr.  This tool is awesome in that it lets you take a photo galleries and turn them into this three-dimensional camera/viewing tool.  It is hard to explain in words, but the  effect is hard to beat.  If you go to the website above you can get a view of some different examples on the website.  What is cool in the beta release they have ‘plugins’ for WordPress, IGoogle, and Facebook, along with a few other options.  It works with your photos being placed on flicker and I am pretty sure, based on my limited knowledge, creates a flash file from the gallery that does the work.  I have to admit as much as I don’t really want to store photos on flicker, the total immersion experience of this tool in a full screen mode is awesome.  TWO BIG THUMBS UP!
  • Google Webmaster’s Tools offers all sorts of abilities to analyze keywords and traffic patterns.  It is generally consider a must have if you are trying to do much in the way of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and would definitely be required if you are going to use Google AdSense to take of advantage of PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising campaign.  It very easily shows you things like search terms that were used on google to locate you site, where those search terms show in the Google search engine, it shows you terms that are seen on your site, and terms that used in outside links.  Without going into a huge amount of detail of how it works (that is a how week-long seminar) using those pieces of information a person should be able to create a pretty good plan for increasing meaningful traffic flow to your website as well as perhaps increasing your ranking on appropriate terms.  Disclaimer:  While I do use this just a little bit, I don’t use it that much, because my blog it so varied in it content.  To really work this well, I would need a blog per category that are much more specialized.  But then again, I am fine with making only the trickle of money that sometimes happens with this site.
  • Yahoo! Site Explorer is new set of tools that I have just learned about that do very similar kind of things that the Google Webmaster’s Tools do, excepting of course for the Yahoo! search engine database and all the bots and crawling that goes on with this particular engine instead.  I feel like, based on the fact that I am just learning of this, it is a Johnny-come-lately to the field.  On the hand if you are serious about getting your site up in the rankings of the major engines, you can not discredit Yahoo! out of hand and ignore them.  This does make wonder if MSN has some kind of similar tool as well as a few of the other more popular search engines that are available.  Just like Google’s tools, to take full advantage you have to ‘verify’ that you are an owner of the site.  This can be done with a file or meta data.  Unfortunately, the verification process takes a twenty-four period with Yahoo!, meaning they are waiting for the crawl to do the verify – compared to Google, which lets its bot loose immediately.
  • If you are going to use the above to methods then I would suggest you may want to check out a site like AdGooroo.com.  They basically are specialists in performing analyzation and even offer a free ten-day trail for their various services. My feeling is that in ten days you would probably only begin to be scratching the service with any such service, so be aware of any fine print.  I have not used them and am not endorsing, only informing that such capabilities are out there.
  • A few weeks ago I mentioned using MaxBlogPress’ Ping Optimizer to limit the number of times a particular blog entry will have notice pushed out collections points like Google Blog and such.  I still think it is a good tool.  As I noted though, it does require as part of the activation, to subscribe to an email news subscription.  I hope that someone comes up with a competitor soon.  The first few news bits seemed okay, though they hinted of spam.  Now I am getting one a day and do NOT ever click on anything that looks like a bona-fide link to information, almost assured to be signing you up for spam from what I am seeing.  A big THUMBS DOWN for Pawan for doing a bottom feeder thing like that in my opinion.  As of this writing, short of turning off pinging and do the process manually through something like ping-o-matic I am not seeing any options – and that would be painful for most casual users.
  • One last thing I got to mention, though I have not tried it out yet.  Today I got my digital to analog signal converter that is powered by a high amp DC low voltage device to allow a selectable stream of bits to hit my ears in quick progression.  Now that is all a bunch of geek talk for saying I got the device in the mail that plugs into my Zune and will convert the signal to low strength broadcast to my car stereo.  No more carrying around 100 CD’s in the car to ensure I got something that is just suited to my mood.  I am more excited about getting done with this and getting on started on my drive home then I normally am with this in mind.