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Weekly BrowsingI think I mentioned a similar tool to Weekly Browsing about six to eight weeks ago. I was so excited at the time with a tool called Browse Periodically and had not tested it to my purposes. While the later worked just fine in most instances, it was not exactly what I wanted. I will say that Weekly Browsing is a much better option in both functionality and suitability to my purposes. And just so everyone is on the same page I am talking about plugins for the Firefox browser.

So a few weeks (or maybe months) ago I was pretty happy with my first choice. However, I was really wanting something that would let me schedule a precise time to open up the various things that I wanted to browse on a scheduled time frame. Browse Periodically only let me schedule a site and a frequency of when it would open, but if I was not on the computer at that time, it would open the next time I was on and consequently reset the time. So after one Sunday of being away from the keyboard all day until after midnight, next week instead of browsing over my coffee on Sunday morning I got nothing… But then when I went to check email right before turning in I got everything. This occurred regularly enough throughout the week I was done.

Add to this one additional problem. Sometimes, when I would shut down or hibernate my system (which I use primarily one laptop at home, work, and back home these days) it would get confused and reload the same sites a second and sometimes even a third time on the same day. Combined with the above that caused date issues and sites missed I went looking for something else that was similar but better and more suited to my purposes.

A bit of research and I found about three to test out. One was not being developed anymore and a second did not seem to work well. Enter my last effort and the one I held to last because of the most promise, Weekly Browsing. It was a clear winner. It is a truly scheduled browsing event tool. I click a web page to add and based on my settings it will default to a time to open and I simply check the days I am interested in seeing them, sometimes this M-F, others just on Sunday and some just every other day. Clearly I can change the time if I do not want sites to open at my typical 7:00am time. The only issue I see at all from using for over a week now, is a second viewing of the page on the same day requires a second entry with a different time. Not a big deal, but it should have a copy for second time or something option in my opinion.

A few major pluses, it never loads things at a different time based on my not getting the computer until later or otherwise. In a similar vein it never gets confused and reloads the same page despite the number of times I may shut down the computer during a day. The best plus is that on the schedule I can check one box that says reload whenever I start the browser (which I hardly ever use, but nice to know it is there) and a similar button that says if I had the browser off at this time, please load it upon starting immediately if I missed the schedule.

On a slightly different note, I am continuing with my use of primarily the Firefox browser for my general purposes. Oddly, considering my current distaste for Google, I have settled on using Chrome for most of my blog work. It is just a bit faster and clearly has less junk in it for this purpose. And frankly, the After the Deadline grammar checking plugin just works better in Chrome.

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  1. I know this really is reasonably off subject but I’m just exploring starting my own web site and was thinking about what is normally needed set up? I am assuming having a weblog similar to yours http://www.mephistos.com/2010/08/29/weekly-browsing would cost a lot of money? I’m not quite internet smart so I am not completely sure. Any specific suggestions or hints would be considerably cherished. Kudos.

    1. Theda – I am going to respond via email to your questions. I will say here publically it probably does not cost as much to set one up as you think and if anyone else is wondering please shoot me an email or comment and I will follow up with additional information to you in the future.

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