Wet vs. Dry

We have an election concerning expanding alcohol sales here in Danville to include that of packaged sales. For those outside of the area, let me be clear – you can already get it by the drink in several establishments, as well as packaged in several nearby counties, including a less than thirty minute drive in at least three directions. And yes, you guessed it, I have an opinion.

I have seen this escalate more than a little bit in both the newspaper editorials over the last few days and since then I have seen a real escalation on Facebook. I am failing to see any legitimate logic in the strong support against the measure (or in support of a NO vote), but I will happily accept anyone who can over a logical reason that stands up to a stressful look at it. As of this point most arguments for a vote no have largely been around limiting potential accidents over, being against the destruction of family values and families in general, or even the easy access for specifically Centre College students.

Let me rebut each, starting with family values and families in general. Just because someone likes to have a beverage with dinner of an adult nature does not immediately mean that said person is against family. Having a drink does not immediately make one eligible for divorce, indicate in any way that one is more apt to abuse a wife or children, or even <gasp> not in favor of procreation and all the joys and delights that it entails. In fact, one could make the argument that having a drink at home after a stressful day would perhaps allow more time at home versus the alternative of going to a local bar or otherwise driving the round trip of an hour, though I will give you perhaps that is a bit of a stretch.

Next up let me move to the students. Does anyone really think that the college students at Centre (or any other college for that matter) are limited by having to drive a few extra miles to get alcohol? I mean if you think that, you are welcome to your opinion, but you clearly lead a VERY sheltered life. I know from my own college experience and that of many other students, that driving a an hour or more to find somewhere that was a good place to get a drink was not a problem. That being said, the real concern should be about students getting that drink and proverbially popping the top on the way home…

Which leads me to the last rebuttal nicely. How can anyone think that either getting a drink with dinner out somewhere (or as we all know occurs, just have a ‘tie one on night’ and getting crapped up) is better than buying a bottle or case of my favorite beverage is and heading home to drink it? Given the option I know I would much rather for the later situation to occur then to met that same person on the road on their way home. Further, if a person can buy that package in a county over (or two), the temptation for someone, especially a young group to do just as I noted above is much greater over a longer distance. I would much prefer, as I stated before on Facebook, for someone to have a corner store at the end of their neighborhood to acquire they case from and get home quickly.

Just in case anyone is in doubt at this point, I am strongly in favor of voting YES for this measure. Truthfully, at current time I live out in the county and will not even have a vote on this measure. I will be moving into town in the next few days and likely staying there at least a year or so. Beyond that, Danville is five minutes away and the next county over is about thirty.

Reality though, anytime the liberty of anyone is being restricted by a clear group of controlling people with an agenda I am always for the rights of the individual. Just to be sure, I am not in favor of anyone drinking while driving, nor do I advocate the break up of families, abuse, or even littering your alcohol containers along the roadways. But it should come as no surprise that I am in favor of the responsible use of ones personal civil liberties.

Lastly, to the petty, former Facebook friend, who unfriended me when I pointed out the flaws in their reasoning and most especially just simply openly disagreed with your opinion in public – well, clearly we were not much of friends anyway. I would like to think that almost all of my friends are able to have open mind enough to have a rational discussion without necessarily having to agree on every single issue.

* – picture from some previous wet/dry election, the old fashion image bringing to my mind clearly what I think folks who support NO seem to think the world is like…