It is a rather long story to get to why the blog site is named Mephistos, but I have some time here during my lunch break to shed some light on the subject matter. The name itself is related to and pulled from the name Mephistopheles. The name itself can be found historically to refer to demons and perhaps the devil himself. It certainly is used in the Faust legends as such.

This demon is usually associated with the one who acquires the souls of men, through making pacts with them and having them sign in a book. Often when used to refer to devil himself, instead of the satyr like being, the usual representation is a tall dark handsome looking man. Further, more modernly we have both T.S. Elliot’s Mr. Mistoffelees, a black conjuring cat and Mephisto the demon in the Marvel Comics world. The meaning is thought to be a play on the Greek elements that make up the word, which roughly mean “not a lover of light,” an interesting contrast to the often used title Lucifer, which means roughly “light bearer.”

Enough about the dark places the name may come from, why did I choose it? A long time ago, I was involved in a business with someone. We sold collectibles online. The original concept was we could find you that object that you desired. Now we weren’t suggesting that anyone needed to sell their soul to the devil to get our stuff, but rather, that just as Satan would tempt you with exactly what you desired, so too, hopefully we could to the same with our collectibles. Hence, we settled on the name Mephisto’s House of Collectibles – so technically the name is a singular possessive, though you will rarely see it that way in my other references to it. Matter of fact, as it is has evolved, the ‘s has become just a simple s, I suppose indicating that Mephisto no longer has ownership and there must be multiples of him.

Memory fails me, and I do not really recall now, if the name of Mephistos was something I using for something else already or not. I am thinking based on the date of when the domain was registered I must have been doing something with the name prior to that point. If I was not using it, I must have had a plan for it. Anyway, the business of selling things has now been gone for several years. I however, have just about everything associated with the email address on that domain.

When I starting thinking about a blog and the nature of how I have so many different interests that could tempt me to write about them (all the seemingly totally opposite things that interest me) it seemed like a logical choice (maybe I should try renaming it Pandora’s box). It especially works since I had already owned the domain for a long time and it was sitting there idle – having not been updated for well over four or five years. Further, while I don’t think I am that demonic myself, I certainly think a lot of the themes that I am talking about are exactly where we have sold our souls for one thing or another instead of pursuing a simple life that would truly be better for us, the environment, and probably make some of us happier as well.

Last Updated: 09/10/10

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