Wrangler – Men’s Rip-Stop Cargo Pants

Wranger Rip-Stop Cargo PantsI am extremely disappointed a not so far off purchase.  I am not sure which if us does not understand for sure, but either Wrangler or myself does not understand what rip-stop means.  I bought two pair and both pair, after fairly regular use, have ripped, and continued to rip at the location of the rip, in under three months or less.

It started a bit ago, when I had a couple of pair of my regular cotton canvas duck like cloth pants get stained with ink and another pair got a rip (after a couple of years or more or hard wear I might add).  In looking for something else and thinking I really wanted something a bit lighter (the fabric especially) I picked up something.  That particular pair did not last long at all (I guess to being in IT I am hard on pants).

So I looked around a bit more and found a lighter pant at Wal-Mart, but made by Wrangler.  And the great and exciting thing, despite being a light weight fabric of some nature, they were specially labelled as Rip-Stop Cargo Pants.  And they had the right price, of only $19.95.  Over a couple of weeks, I picked up a couple of pair.

Within about eight weeks I noticed one pair was starting to rip around the area of the “cargo” pocket’s attachment.  It was only a couple of weeks after that it sure enough did rip in a major way at that point.  The rip pretty muck rendered the pants unusable.

The other pair seemed to have lasted a bit longer, but not by much.  The second pair starting with a small rip around the stitch around the zipper.  At the point I noticed the rip, I think I got one more wear before they were done as well.

Oh well, back to the heavy wright canvas like fabric.  And I will be more than happy with that.

** – Image from Wrangler website.