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Wunder ListIf you have been reading this blog over the last year or so it will come as no surprise that I like Wunderlist as a to-do list that works. At least it works the way I like to work. I am still a bit disappointed by the lack of a native Linux application, but the web version has been working fairly well for me. In addition, there is the really required version for me over on the iPad, which lets me take it with me to meetings and such or even out to the shop (garage) when I am working on a sequence of steps to accomplish some largely project. And of course the client that does run on Windows or Mac based operating systems seems to be pretty good, though I can only claim either as a casual user.

That all being said, I have found one subtle problem that is extremely aggravating. Namely, with the various system that I am using to access my Wunderlist, sometimes my list gets out sync. That of course really defeats the purpose of my trying to keep organized on what I have to get done right away and those things that I would also like to try to accomplish sometime today.

A current example, in my current list from the web-based client, I have 43 items in my list for today. If I hop over to the iPad, as I would after getting my tasks updated in the morning for the day, especially if heading to a meeting, I have 48 times in my list for today. This is without having added additional items or checked things off anywhere. Now, if I closely go through the list, I can find the 5 items that I checked off (or in a couple of cases deleted) that are still in the iPad list for some strange reason.

I do not feel like I should have to do that though, as there is a sync option in both platforms. However, after running the sync option on both the web client and the iPad (with the today list showing) I still have the same numbers. This is a clear indication that the sync mechanism is broken. My suspicion is that the sync mechanism checks the cloud copy for an indication of a change having been made since the last time it checked and that is that. Of course the reality of modern computing is that on occasion a system will crash or some such and not have the latest copy. And when, in particular a sync is being forced it should have a built mechanism that at least counts the number of records and verifies that along with the actual date of the last updates or something of such.

As it is, the only way to get the sync back in sync is to either find the items that are in the one list or the other that either should not be there or are missing, and delete them. Than if they should be there on both devices, re-add them. Or alternatively, you can uninstall the app and re-install, forcing it to pull from the cloud for the entire list. Both of these are very cumbersome. Bottom line is this, Wunderlist needs to fix this. The tool itself is something I would consider the pro (paid version) of it, but I will not do that given the current sync issues.

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    1. I don’t think it would be oh that over technical, especially if used on just one device. I make thing a lot more complicated by device and system hopping. It really does help with keep focused and staying organized.

  1. What I received via email from Wunderlist support:

    Hi Ray,

    Apologies for the trouble with the sync. We assured that we are continuing to work hard to make it flawless – indeed this is our top priority right now at Wunderlist. (If you’re curious about the seriousness with which we take these issues, please check out our CTO’s statement on the blog posted a few weeks ago: https://www.wunderlist.com/blog/improving-wunderlists-sync-part-2 — although it’s a bit technical, it does explain what we’re doing about the issue.)

    In the meantime, unfortunately, the only way to solve lingering sync issues at the moment is by logging out and back into the system on all devices. However, because you will lose your unsynced data when logging out, you should try the following first:

    1. Open an Incognito or Private Browsing Window in your browser (in Chrome you can go to File -> New incognito window or choose CTRL/CMD+Shift+N).
    2. Login to http://www.wunderlist.com.
    3. What you see now is what we have in our database for your account. Please compare what you see there with what you see in your Wunderlist apps. If there is anything missing and that is not syncing, you will need to add it manually in the web app in the incognito window. We realize this is inconvenient, but at the moment there’s no easier way to make sure your changes will sync.
    4. After you have entered your changes, please make sure to sync by choosing “Sync Now” from the menu (click on your profile image icon). All your data is now synced to the server.

    If for some reason this still does not appear to work, please save any important changes you have made on any devices that have not yet synced. You can do this by emailing or printing your lists and tasks for yourself.

    After you have either entered and synced the data to the server or saved all unsynced changes, please log out and log back in to Wunderlist on all devices and browsers – everywhere you access it. You can do this by clicking or tapping on the profile image icon in the top left and choosing “Logout” and then logging back in. Everything should now be synced.

    If for some reason you still seem to having problems with sync, please contact us again for further assistance.

    All best,

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