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Wunder ListI find myself at the point of a question and thought I would reach out and see if anyone had any opinions. After using EverNote for a couple of months, I have realized one big drawback to it that I really need – a scheduler or list of tasks with a certain time to be completed by. After some research and hoping to get an extension to EverNote and even trying some home-baked ideas I have realized it was futile have looked into other options. The two at the top of the list (pun intended) is WunderList and GoTasks.

A quick glance by myself seems to indicate WunderList is the way to go. First, it has more native platforms. I know, with the world of the web and having all the ability to access it that makes it kind of un-necessary, but I like having a native app for things in most cases or at least a specific based plugin. WunderList supports just about all the systems I use excepting Linux and even that one is supposed to be here soon (but one try recently, which missed makes me not hold my breath for it). Some preliminary testing says the usage of the cloud for synchronization between devices works wonderfully. Actually adding notes is a breeze and you can have sub-lists that remind one of the various steps involved a larger task to complete, which is a nice thing. Dates are not required, which is something I also like – as often I just need that reminder for a when I get to that and have the time.

GoTasks is Google based and has the same functions of lists and dates and check offs. It has one additional big draw, which is the ability to have the tasks show up on my Google Calendar additionally. As I use the Google Calendar for all my scheduling that would be a very good fit going forward. The one big drawback is the lack for native apps for various platforms. It would, in fact appear that the only real place to use the GoTasks app is the iPad and any other system would have to use the web-based interface to talk to the cloud stored data out there. The other potential drawback is the fact that I tend toward lots of little reminders of doing this on such and such day, especially when it comes to weekends when I have time to myself on occasion. Given the potential volume I have a concern that the tasks would slowly overrun my calendar, making it crowded and possibly even difficult to use.

Questions, comments, and suggestions are actively being sought so jump on in with your thoughts!

** – Image is icon for Wunder List application.

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  1. Good overview of requirements for a task/calendar/schedule app. I also need the asynchronous online collaboration functionality with people on different platforms.
    I’m currently using ‘The Hit List’ but it doesn’t meet all my requirements. (This prompts me to build a table of requirements and features I can do side by side checkoffs of the different apps.)
    So what did you decide upon?

  2. I went with Wunderlist for the short term, thinking I would search around for something else in the not far off future – especially to support my desire to have a native (non-web based) version to run in Linux. Interestingly enough though, an actual Linux version was released last week sometime.

  3. GoTasks wins.
    Wunderlist is pretty, but buggy (tasks repeat if you use two devices)
    GoTasks is ugly, but more stable.
    The biggest feature, though, between them is how fast it is to add and rearrange tasks in GoTasks. No hitting ‘Edit’ to reorganize, just drag them from their edge (like Clear). Which is vital for a fresh looking list you want to use.
    By the way, there is a Mac app now. Ugly but efficient!

  4. Biggest pet peeve with Wunderlist is that you have to shut it down manually if you are on a mac. If you just try to shut down your mac with it running, it will cancel your shut down process. Also, I have had constant syncing issues. It is pretty, but a pain. I just downloaded GoTasks and agree that being able to reorganize without having to hit the edit button first is a real plus. Also, it looks like there are expand/contract triangles, which Wunderlist doesn’t have. GoTasks looks real promising, though, not real pretty.

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