Yellow Pages Waste

Yellow PagesAnyone else noticing that the more obsolete the phone book and consequently the yellow pages are becoming how many more different variations of that once major source of information come to your house? My guess is that the reality is not only are the becoming obsolete but a vast majority of them, like the ones that randomly show up my house sit unused or maybe go straight to recycling without ever having been opened. As a friend and I were discussing the other day, when was the last time you used one those archaic devices to find a service? Okay, I admit if you are from a certain older generation and have not adapted to the modern technology such as the internet or the latest smart phone maybe you are still using them. Then again, you are also not reading my blog in all probability.

I am on this rant this morning because as if on cue, just after having had a conversation about how much of a resource they have become I of course I had another one delivered to my house. It kills me. Just think about the amount of paper and hence trees that are used to print and deliver these things to my door. And while you are thinking of that, keep in mind, just as this delivery – I received a local copy for Nicholasville and Jessamine County and a second, much larger one for the Lexington/Fayette County greater urban and surrounding areas. I can affirm that this, if brought in the house would have never been used. Thankfully, I found it as I was taking out the recyclables for pickup.

And you know, bad as it is, it would not be such a bad thing if I only got the one copy. But I am averaging about one per every two months since I have moved to my current location. I get the Windstream edition (I suppose they are my chief communication provider to the house as I use them for internet, but come on – I do not even have a land line). I get both the original Yellow Pages and the newer but still printing like crazy Yellow Book. It seems like there are others in there as well, because every time I toss one in the big another one seems to almost always show up.

The really crazy thing is the fact that I do NOT even have a land line though. Granted I do have a cell phone, but the nature of having that means by default I am not nearly so likely to use the manual book process to look up a number. Really think about where the phone book companies get the revenue. I do not pay a dime for it be printed and delivered. Which means those advertisers in the book are paying even more for their ads that I never see.

Come to think of it, that is, I am sure why they print enough to seeming deliver two of every edition to my door. They then tell the advertisers some inflated bloated number of eyes that will be using the archaic book device to find say a plumber or auto repair facility. And clearly some service type businesses pay to be in there, but the reality is at this point I would start to watch my cost on these things given the potential lack of impact. The same or less money would reach me with a well indexed (from the search engines) website about your plumbing or auto repair facility. It would of course include all the information in the yellow pages and a LOT more potential information.

Of course, I like most people I know, when in need of that plumber do what instead? I call a few trusted friends and family, at least if it beyond what I think I can do myself. I especially do this if I know of someone who had plumbing work done recently. If it was good for them I ask for the contact info and if not so good I ask for the name to know to avoid when I do my Google search. Reality is for almost all things that I would use as a service that are in the books I will almost always find a personal reference instead of using such.

Bottom line – stop wasting so many resources and spend the time doing something more useful to society.

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3 Replies to “Yellow Pages Waste”

  1. “Which means those advertisers in the book are paying even more for their ads that I never see.”

    That’s a dead giveaway for guys over Yellow Pages. They should realize that a lot of people turn to their family, friends and Internet for more information. Gone are the days when you have to flip endlessly just to get the contact number of these companies and take advantage of their services.

    I agree with what you have mentioned in the ‘bottom line’, stop printing these books and start saving trees again. ( use Google to find information )

    1. That is the general idea of what I was pointing out. At least switch to an actual opt-out policy if not the preferred opt-in policy to limit the amount of books printed that I am sure end up right in the recycle bin or worse, the trash. Believe it or not, I had another dropped at my front door since my original post.

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