You Just Get One…

One Love?Okay, I admit right off the bat that maybe this is not the best of times for me to be behind the keyboard. I have had a few stiff bourbons and having exhausted that I have moved on to lesser things like improvised margaritas. That being said though, I have something on my mind, and found it mostly expressed in a few songs, on in particular. A country-ish song from a few years ago, well now that I think on it, a LOT of years ago. That aside though, there is a song entitled “You Just Get One…,” the lyrics of which include, “You just get one true love.”

“There are a lot of pretty days, but some the sun don’t shine… You get a lot of songs that make you smile and some that make you cry… But you just get one, you just get one, you just get one true love.” So what do you all think about that. I know how I am feeling about it right now. Not her fault to be sure, but was doing something late this evening and there was her picture on the web right where I was looking.

I have to kind of wonder in the back of my head of maybe that was not kind of what was on my mind in some ways with my nostalgia post of the other night? And God, what were you thinking, there she was in the picture with long hair. I have to think back to the fact that of things that I can put a finger on for sure, though there are other things, the big thing we starting a spat over was her getting a hair cut and I expressing that while it was cute, I in general preferred it long.

All that aside, I have to wonder inside my head what everyone thinks? Do you think you can have multiple loves or do you think that maybe there is just one true love, a soul mate, for each of us? If that is the case what do we do if we have had that opportunity and for whatever reason we blew it? Is it time to just give up? I know in the case that I am thinking of that I loved deeper then I have ever done so before in any relationship and what has come since, well, so far it does not even become close.

At this point should I just resolve myself to becoming a bitter old man with regrets for not having capitalized correctly on the one chance that I was given? Or should I presume, as my roommate and I have discussed in the past, that instead of one true love that it is instead multiple loves in the offering? I will have to revisit that one in a different post, which I have been slowly working on for the last year plus to be sure. However, I admit that I think part of the reason I have not been able to make things work in the now is because I tend to compare things to the past, that one shining situation where it seemed all was perfect, when clearly, there was something amiss, or else I would be with that person now, right?

Now I have to wonder, if I should set my alarm early and ensure that I delete this on the morrow morn. This is much more a journal kind of entry then a blog. But at least at the moment it is what I am feeling so I will go with it. It is even so much of what I feeling, I am going to break my cardinal rule and let a second post appear on the same day!

And beyond all that, my apologies for my dribble of rambling on such a likely horrid subject.

2 Replies to “You Just Get One…”

  1. I don’t really know you well enough to comment–but I don’t buy it. I don’t love lightly, and it has always taken a ton of shit to break my heart and make me move on, but I’ve always been able to love the next one better. This one is the best (so far!).

    On the other hand, Dorothy Parker would agree with you:
    Every love’s the love before
    in a duller dress.
    That’s the measure of my lore–
    Here’s my bitterness: Would I knew a little more,
    Or very much less! …

  2. It may sound awful, but there isn’t really one love. What makes it truly meaningful is when we CHOOSE to love one. Love is a chose just as much as it is a free spirit. If you close off from love, you’ll never find it again. Silly as it is… silly as we are… we have a chose. To be open to love or bitter and safe.

    When we prejudge, we blind ourselves to possibilities and close ourselves off. It’s a good thing to learn from our past, but when you obsess upon it, your vision of the present is tainted.

    How can you find new love if your holding on to what was lost?

    I also understand that words are simply stated. It’s the Action in and of itself that is the hardest… to face as well as do.

    What will you choose?

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