Zipwhip SMS Texting & Issues

Creeping ThistleWhat is Zipwhip? An awesome app that does nifty things for you with SMS, or text messaging if you would rather reference it more commonly. It ties into your phone number and lets your receive your text messages on other devices. That in itself is a cool feature. Think about it, I am blogging and my wife sends me a text about something. Instead of digging my phone out when I hear that little whistle, I instead get a little pop-up on my screen.

It is of course, much more than just getting the text message as a pop up on my computer screen. I can quickly swipe over said message to just dismiss if nothing of a response is required on my part. But the real power for me, especially being a large fellow with big somewhat large fingers, is the ability to respond in a text that goes back out over the SMS protocol to her phone using my full-sized computer keyboard. Responses can be sent to or received from anyone that has ‘texting’ capability. Oh, as you would expect, you can also initiate a text from your computer as well, by just clicking on the Z icon in your system tray (when the small app is running) and selecting ‘New Text.’

How does it work? To begin with you have to verify your phone number is actually your number when you go through the setup to begin. I think this was via a text message with a code, but it has been awhile ago since I set it up. From that point, your texts will go to the device you have installed it on as well as your phone. I seem to recall your phone has to be on the same router or maybe it was subnet as the device, or the texts will not be received as a protective measure. In the background, the app is just catching the messages and forwarding them on to your other device or devices. When sending out a message, it is basically doing the reverse – getting the message in the cloud and sending it out as having come from your number.

Yes, up above I did say devices. There is app for such on the iPad environment and I think I have seen it for Android as well – so it should work on those tablets as well. Handy for when I am doing some light reading or something and someone is needing my attention as well. But that brings me to my issue or maybe I should say a problem. I never have any issue with messages intended for me getting through to me on any of my computers (and there are a number of those), but the last couple of months I can not say the same for the iPad.

I get a notification that a text message has been sent to me through Zipwhip. That notification even indicates who the sender was, at least by number – though not by contact name. The problem is though, at least of late, when I actually open zip whip to see the message on the iPad, it freezes up with same list of messages that are several days old. At first I thought it was just something screwy with the app. That of course lead to the shutdown of the app and restart – but no solution. Next was the uninstall and re-installation – which fixes the problem for a couple of days but it always comes back. Maybe it was something that for IOS7, but that has been out for a few days and a couple of updates and the problem still persists. Anyone else having similar issues?

** – Image is licensed under the Creative Commons, by Ivar Leidus – and no, it has nothing to do with Zipwhip – it was the image of the day on WikiMedia and I liked it!

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  1. Ray,

    Thanks for the thoughtful post. We appreciate the feedback. Believe me when I say the iPad is our number one priority right now. Would you mind sending me your contact information so I can give you a call and chat about our service? Have a great day.


    1. I don’t mind a call. I can be reached at x-xxx-xxx-xxxx. Any other way I can be of assistance, feel free to reach out to me as well.

  2. I do not have zip whip
    I got a message on phone with my friends number asking a question
    He said he never sent it
    Although he got my reply
    If someone has both are numbers
    Could that have happened?

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