Believe in Ghosts?

ghosts“Believe in ghosts?” That was the question that my wife asked me just a few days ago while were making our somewhat usual walk around the park. I suspect the question came up because it was an usually cold and dreary day, very late well past dark with the cloud clover and just felt like more a late October then early October. I think my quick and very definite answer of “No” took her by surprise just a little bit. But perhaps my follow-up answer to the question of spirits existing being a yes then seemed contradictory. A bit of an explanation on my personal believes in the matter of spirits, ghosts and energies then ensued. As the conversation was somewhat interesting and I thought of a few clarifications that may have been missed in the previous conversation, I thought I would share it here on Mephistos.

I know that are a lot of people who believe in ghosts or the supernatural energies of the deceased somehow or another doing things here to haunt and otherwise stay among us. I personally, have not yet seen any scientific evidence of such things actually existing. I too have on occasion watched a few of those paranormal investigative types of shows and in most cases the supposed unbiased investigators are clearly not unbiased. Given that, there are relatively few of the ones I have seen that actually reveal anything actually being found. Further, the things that occasionally suppose to be seen and/or recorded in some manner or another are usually dubious in nature and lacking a true scientific method behind them. Things presented have typically been shadows or light spots on photographs – which I can have such occur with my camera on occasion – just because of light conditions and lenses. Others have measuring devices of ‘paranormal’ energies – but yet they have never shown just exactly what those devices are measuring or what they would measure in a controlled environment.

There was follow-up question regarding the energy of the deceased and what it may be doing around us. Sorry, but my scientific mind rejects this thought process completely. As a being, we are not energy in and of ourselves, but rather, we consume energies from various sources in various forms and release energy (through work, play, and just maintaining our living breathing self) in various ways. When we cease to live, those energies are still there for a short time and even continue some of the processes requiring and especially release energy. In the end though, we are just shell of cells and without other interventions, the body would decompose releasing the last of those energies back into system.

Having stated a very clear no to ghosts and other similar types of energies from after death, it is curious to note that I do believe that perhaps their could be something going on with a different plane of existence. Though plan is the wrong term, too two-dimensional – different dimension would be more correct. And it is there that I can accept the notion of a spirit of some sort. I am still not suggesting that those beings can reach across that dimension (nor can we reach across the other direction) and interact mind you, I am just pointing out the situation.

After all, if you claim any form of Christianity as your faith (and several other religions for that matter), you have to accept some sort of spiritual world exists. To deny that spiritual world completely and profess to be Christian shows a contradiction of your own believes or a misunderstanding of some of the most basic tenants of the Christian faith. Clearly, to believe fully in the New Testament one has to accept some sort of spirit world that exist beyond this one in which we currently reside or you deny the history the faith is built on the future goal of what is to become from practicing the faith.

Harmonizing the believes, beyond the general of what I have laid out here though becomes tricky. Again, without further scientific proof of anything it is hard to do more the speculate. And of course, that is exactly why most religions have a component involved in them called faith. It is faith that one relies on to support ones believes when the scientific is not adequate to take it to a concrete state. And that leads us full circle, back to those believe in ghosts, it is their faith in such that leads them to believe such – not science.

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