Observing in June

wine-glass-bottlePicking up with my observations, which I have not been completely Johnny on the spot with of late, here are a few interesting ones from the first few days of June. They include some notes about Willie Nelson, baroque music ensembles in Lexington (of twenty years ago), the summer bring on the music and arts festivals that can be so much fun, and lastly my own personal battles with GRUB 2 of late.

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Why is it?

So why is that when the boss heads out on three-day business trip and you have committed to plans a, b, and c being complete before his return that is when everything just seems to get mixed up and off track? I give you yesterday and today in short (to save you from technical pain). Yesterday while on a late lunch, one of two air conditioning units went out. With the heat in the server room building, we had a major system loose a hard drive before anyone caught the heat situation. Rebuild that last night and get final things in place this morning. Doing final configuration for a project install phase one this afternoon, when another system coughs up a hairball. All is running again forty-five minutes later and I still am not sure I can explain it. Did I mention the new computer we bought was DOA and a one users system has three trojans? And then the folks and I that were doing the cut over for phase one all got together. It should be fifteen minutes at most, right? But it fails to work, even after an hour and fifteen minutes – so we have to roll back and this will throw off all the rest of our dates. Why is that this kind of week seems to always occur when the boss is away? A few more why is it follow:

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CrossroadsI am about to get married really soon… less than two weeks as a matter of fact. I am not concerned about the marriage. Actually looking forward to that. However, I am taking the time to assess a few things in my life and feel like in some ways I am at a major crossroads. Maybe the marriage has little to do with the assessment, maybe it is in truth much more with having turned forty just under two months ago. Anyway, I have had these kind of major refocusing times in my life a couple of times before and good things have generally come of them. Last major time I got rid of motorcycles and all the rebuilding equipment and eventually got into the dream of horses instead.

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PBS to the Rescue

PBSA few weeks ago I posted a rather bit of a rant on one of my other blogs about how the History Channel really had little to offer any more in the regards of actual history. You can read that over on Eligius and specifically at the post NOT-History Channel. Anyway, the point is I have rediscovered an old friend in PBS. I used to be a PBS junkie prior to the explosion of things like Discovery and History channels on cable/satellite networks. My recent reentry into the PBS world with the National Parks has had me making a much greater effort at what is available.

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Horse = Horsepower

Draft Team PlowingI have had this little note burning in the back of my mind for sometime now. Driving around Circle 4 in Lexington, I caught site of a billboard for the Speed School at the University of Louisville. I think, if I recall correctly that is in particular the engineering school. The billboard said something to the effect of without engineers horsepower would still be horses. That has kind of stuck in my crawl if you will and every time I think on it, it chaps by proverbial behind end.

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Joey & Rory

Joey & RorySometime last fall/winter (though I actually started writing this in the early morning hours of the actual night of the concert), I had tickets to see what I think is one of the greatest things to come out of the country music scene in a LONG time. Yeah Joey & Rory, of CMT’s Can You Duet fame as well as those really great Overstock.com commercials that were especially active during the Christmas holiday season so recently passed. I almost nearly stumbled into the tickets, having caught a glimpse of the flier a week or two prior, I purchased tickets immediately without even knowing who I would get to go with me for sure. If you have a chance anytime soon it is well worth the $15.00 I paid for tickets to see this awesome duo live and in person.

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FoodThis past week, after seeing one of my favorites, the band BLCP I took a friend to see a movie. The movie was kind of odd, in that it was a documentary. But I had been wanting to see the movie Food for some time and it was playing downtown at the Kentucky, just a few blocks over from where BLCP was playing at Thursday Night Live.

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New Truck

Newish TruckAs more than a few people know at this point, I made the plunge last week and got a new, new to me at least, truck. I was planning on looking at particular one that a used dealership had on the lot a few days before. I had dealt with the dealership before with good success so was happy about that. When I stopped it, the one I was particularly interested in was sold. They did have one that I liked even a bit more for about the same price. Decided to mention it in a blog as I do not think there is even a picture of the Oldsmobile Alero, much less a mention in the two years I had it in a blog.

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Ups & Downs

margaritavilleI have been asked a couple of times in the last week or two how come I had stopped blogging. Honestly, I did not realize I had. Matter of fact, I only thought it had been a couple of weeks since my last blog entry here in the back of my mind all along. Imagine my surprise when I got on here and realized that today actually marks a full thirty days since my last blog entry. I realize the truth of the song that just played, “Some people would say there is a woman to blame, but I realize it is my own damn fault.”

A bunch of long stories short and then on to better blogging, because as I noted late last night sometime, “Life is Beautiful!”

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