Six Hour Dr. Visit

MS SocietyToday I am spending the next six hours in the Doctor’s office. A specialist office at that. That seems like a long time but mostly I am just here for observation as I start a medication to ensure that some noted side effects do not occur. Six hours seem like a long time and to be sure, it is (thankfully I brought the laptop and the iPad to occupy my time). Six hours though is really nothing compared to the time I have spent in the Doctor’s office and especially various labs since early April. It is a bit of a long story, but clearly I have the time and it seems somehow appropriate to start the story here on the blog the day I am starting the medication for my life with MS. Continue reading “Six Hour Dr. Visit”

Sugar-Free Candy

Russel Stover's Sugar-Free CandyRussel Stover’s candy in a variety of flavors for not to much of expensive price – and it is uses something called alcohol sugars to sweeten it. Woot! So, not sure if I had mentioned it or not, but I have been working on loosing weight. Well, I am sure I have mentioned that. The thing I am not so sure about is the diet I am loosely following. Mostly it is just an eat sensible kind of approach, which is hard enough to do. But addition to watching calories consumed in a day, I am also trying to keep carbs, especially those that are not from whole grains at a lower level and especially trying to keep sugar (of all forms from simple to complex) at a low-level. I will go into more detail about that sometime in the near future, I promise, but suffice it to say that calories are energy, more energy then you need and you gain weight, less and you lose. Carbs and especially sugars are loaded with calories and tend to have the worst effects on your body too.

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Heartburn Theory

Dragon HeartburnI have a new theory about heartburn that I want to share. I personally think I am really on to something here and probably need to find a biological scientist or even a doctor who want to collaborate and head up the research on the project. I am basing this hunch of a theory on the fact that for the past three years I have on two occasions greatly reduced my intake of food in an attempt to lose weight (yeah, I know there have been more than those two cases, but those two have been the long sustained ones that really got serious). My conclusion regarding that most horrid condition known as heartburn is that it is the bodies general defense mechanism against overeating.

So yes, I said overeating is the primary cause of that uncomfortable bloated feeling that often leads to gas and certainly gets worse when acid begins leaking out of the stomach into the esophagus. Clearly all of those conditions are general traits generally associated with heartburn but that last one is the case where you just want to hang your head with the overall miserable feeling it causes and certainly the burning and tight feeling though out the center of your chest is where it the condition gets its name from in general.

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Healthy Food, Michelle Obama, & Palin

Michelle ObamaYou have to give credit where credit is due and deserved and this week the credit is all due to Michelle Obama and her efforts regarding the healthy food initiative. it is an issue that is near and dear to Michelle Obama and fits in nicely with the emphasis she has placed on children’s health and exercise already and despite my general dislike of Wal-Mart, recognizing that if you start with the leading grocer in the country others will likely follow, is another smart move. Similarly, the fact that Sarah Palin has come out so strongly against this initiative gives a very clear indication of just how out of touch with the typical lower to middle American family she truly is. Yeah, I know there was a time at which I thought Palin had might have been acceptable, but I will point out I was in favor of a the very unlikely Lieberman being on that ticket. I am sure some background information is order to help bring everyone up to speed and then give my opinion on the matter before asking for yours.

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