I Love Amazon

AmazonI love Amazon.com.  It should be pretty obvious, but what is there that is not to love about this company.  In addition to all the other wonderful benefits that come with using Amazon and especially Amazon Prime, here are two more wonderful examples of this company be ran right.

First up was a gift that my wife had purchased for me.  For whatever reason, we exchanged a couple of gifts early (the reason was getting the cat that links the ribbons to maybe stop actually, now that I think on it).  Anyway, I got a new reel, one that I have had on my wish list for a while.  Closer inspection, as I was already dreaming of the big cat I would catch on it, revealed that the front cover was on dented and probably would impact the ability to cast properly.

A few minutes and clicks later, and we had the shipping information for the return, shipping cost on Amazon by the way.  In the same process, without making any other request, the replacement was also underway.  Granted, if we do not return the other one, the account will be charged on January 15th, but that is not a problem.

The same evening, the gift I had given my wife, also from Amazon, was somehow a misfire.  It was something I thought she had sent me, but she did not.  A similar small window of time and clicks and the shipping information was had.  As this one was just a mistake, shipping was on us, but still all the labels and such were in a print out packet.

I dropped the package off at UPS the next day, expecting the refund sometime after Christmas (once they received the package and processed the refund).  However, less then hour later, they had received the shipping information from UPS and already processed the refund!

Kudos to a company that is doing it right and doing it well!

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