Nature’s Finest

NatureKentucky has a law on the books for a specialized license plate that funds “nature” and helps the preserve the great outdoors.  The law, allows for a number of plates that when purchased at $10 over the normal cost allows for that $10 to go to the funding of Kentucky Heritage Land Conservation Fund.  As I was looking into this as a possibility for my wife’s Edge coming up in a month or so, I found out that shameful acts by the state government (namely both legislative branches and especially the governor, who proposed the budget, raided the funds). Continue reading “Nature’s Finest”

Basic Rights

Free Raif BadawiRaif Badawi was supposed to get a second part of  getting a 1000 lashes (50 a week for 20 weeks) last Friday, but it was delayed for medical reasons.  In addition to his 1000 public lashes, of which he has already received the first 50, he is to serve 10 years for basically expressing his opinions and wanting a little more of what most of us  consider basic human rights. Continue reading “Basic Rights”


TortureThe current big news (aside from a an extension for the operating budget of course) is the recent release of the Senate’s report regarding the ‘enhanced’ methods used after 9/11 to gather information.  In another word, and I said it at that time, it is a report on the US government and specifically the CIA using torture. Continue reading “Torture”

Glen Beck, Iraq, & Liberals

Iraq War MapTry as I might to keep out of politics, this one was just too much for me to resist.  Glenn Beck, on his syndicated radio show, said something to the effect today of, “The liberals were right a few years ago, we should have stayed out of Iraq.”  He went on to implore the powers that be of the current government, as broken as the process seems to be, to come together on at least the one issue of not getting involved in Iraq with this current set of dust-ups that has Iraq once again on the verge of an all out civil war. Continue reading “Glen Beck, Iraq, & Liberals”

Obama, Syria, and Irony

SyriaFirst, it should be mostly obvious to the casual reader that I am largely indifferent in regards to Obama as president, neither being supporter by and large nor a rabid anti-Obama-ist that seeks at every turn for his failure. That being said though, I will have to say that I am severely disappointed in his current bent toward what seems to be a no other option excepting a military strike against in Syria. A strike that has as its sole purpose, at least as has been stated, to punish Syria for the use of chemical weapons against its own people.

Continue reading “Obama, Syria, and Irony”