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Lexington Legends LogoAt Whitaker Ballpark in Lexington Kentucky last night it was all about the stache… Moustache that is.  Well, the stache, baseball, and just good clean family entertainment.  What the heck am I talking about?  The Lexington Legends minor league baseball team of course.  Went to the game last evening, with perfect weather, free tickets, and a good time was had by all!

The Lexington Legends are a minor league baseball team associated with the Kansas City Royals of the majors.  This team plays in Lexington in a ballpark that was built for them when they located to Lexington a few years back.  The ballpark is a really nice facility for a minor league team, ranking in my opinion even better than some major league venues.

I did say free tickets, but that was courtesy of my employment at the newspaper, so can’t really help you there.  I will say there are often opportunities for members/subscribers and advertisers to get the tickets – usually through contest, but I do not have any details and I know that nothing is left for the remainder of the season.  The tickets were just off straight behind home plate though, and the face value was only $13 each – so economical for a family outing anyway.  That is economical if you go on .36 cent hot dog night or eat before you arrive, food is not so economical at the ball park in general.

The Legends have as a mascot an old-time baseball guy with a big moustache, usually depicted with the waxed curl at the ends.  That is where the stache comes into play with the whole thing.  Last night (and for the next several nights) they have the “Fun Circus” in town adding to the entertainment, which includes three additional mascot type personas.  There are also fun contests and giveaways of some sort at almost every inning, making for a fun evening even if you don’t care for baseball all that much.

Which is probably good.  The Legends are, prior to last night around 29 games back of the first place team in their division.  The hopes of post season play are long past and they are just having a good time and providing some entertainment at this point.  Last night they did have a long part of the game with no score, and then both scored in the 8th   Ending up with the Legends winning on a walk off run in the 10th.

To give some idea, while I don’t really care of the American League, and it is especially hard to get motivated for a hometown team that far out of it… I had enough fun last night that I am planning to go back next Thursday when they have “Bark in the Park” and take both my wife and my dog to see what is winding down to some of the final games of the year.

Foul BallDRAT – Nearly left off the highlight of my evening.  A popped up foul come over the backstop netting, without hitting the roof.  Actually it was coming down right in between and slightly behind my wife and my mother.  I had a hand on it, almost a single handed catch, but alas a drop.  Would have been a catch if it had been a little closer and I could have cupped with two hands.  Still managed to claim the ball – though my mother was about to fight me for it I believe.  🙂

** – Image is trademarked Lexington Legends Logo.

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    1. Stache is what they call it at the ballpark.

      I work with a group of local papers. The most prominent is the Advocate Messenger in Danville, Kentucky.

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