cloudNot sure if anyone else saw the segment yesterday morning on CBS’s Sunday Morning show about subscriptions, but it was so spot on with my feelings toward subscriptions.  I can remember back in the day when, as was referenced, you purchased a TV, brought it home and you had TV for life for free.  Albeit that was in the day of being lucky if you had 3, maybe 4 channels with PBS.  And then came this thing called cable and you had to pay a monthly fee to get a few more channels and the Jeanie was out of the bottle at that point. Continue reading “Subscriptions…”


Ebate Big Fat Check (stub)Ebates is a rebate and savings site that will, apparently result in either money sent directly back to you in the form of a check on things bought at a LOT of websites.  I have not begun to explore it all, but I have already gotten a $35.00+ check out of a recent purchase as well as a $10.00 gift card.   Definitely worth the few minutes it takes to sign up on just the change you will shop a place on their long list. Continue reading “Ebates”

Bing Rewards, Wikipedia, & Bing Homepage

BingBing is a search engine that in my humble opinion rivals the big king of search engines, namely Google. About the same level of advertising and generally similar search results (and on occasion, results that I find are more relevant, especially on really technical searches). The really cool thing is that Bing also has a rewards program for using their search engine. Unlike some other search and reward programs, this one still actually returns good results that is worth using in most cases and has a couple of really cool features to help the process along.

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Make Once, Sell Many

One to ManyI had an epiphany just a little while ago about what I have been doing wrong on all the little side business ventures I have gotten myself involved with over the years, with the exception of my farming adventures. I tend to get focused on production types of items, that require a good deal of input, usually my time, to complete the item. And in the end, I have just that, one item that is good to be sold. What most business ventures need to be truly successful though is a product, good, or service that you make once and sell it many times.

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Gas Hike Reason

Gas Buddy LogoI am pissed!  Last week, middle of the day on Tuesday a station in the smaller town I was in raised their gas prices as I was going by from $3.29 to $3.65.  I let my wife and a couple of friends know that they should get gas if they were close to in need via text a little while later, anticipating that a big hike was in the works across every where.  I also waited with much anticipation to see what crazy stuff was going on somewhere, whether it be a refinery fire or shutdown, escalating stances from Iran again, or just some middle eastern uprising crisis otherwise that was causing the spike.  And nothing, no news at all, and though oil threatened higher on Tuesday,  the next 2 days oil prices actually fell sharply downward.  What the heck?

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Small Business Saturday – November 26

Small Business SaturdayJust as the promotional materials for the Small Business Saturday event say, first there was Black Friday and then there was Cyber Monday… For those not in the loop this is a promotion to try to push shopping, to some at least some extent, on Saturday after Thanksgiving with small businesses. It is even implied to do so with local small businesses, which is even better. It is a good idea and something I am very much in favor of doing myself.

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Gridlock, Economy, & Super Committee

Young Henry ClayAs I write this, it is starting to seem like most of the things that have been making so much of our economy here in the US, especially as it pertains to banking and Wall Street, figured out over in Europe. I will agree it seems like we have been close a couple of times before and there is certainly not an absolute, but we have gotten new technocratic governments in both Italy and Greece the seem largely on board with the changes that need to be made and we have an EU that seems largely on board with the support that it needs to offer to keep anything of a major collapse from occurring anytime in the real near future. With the strong earnings, combined with a very modest growth in the economy and very slight dip in the unemployment rates, some forecasters are starting to shoot for a positive 2011 after all. Not so fast I say…

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