Reward & Loyalty Cards – Going to Far

Loyalty CardIf you know me, you know well that I am always on the look out for a deal. Actually, maybe that needs a bit of clarification. I do not just go for any deal, but rather when I have decided what it is that I want and/or need in a given moment, usually with an amount of thought behind it in direct proportion to the cost, I am looking for the deal on that item. So, that being said, I have no problem with using some of the loyalty and/or reward cards out there to purchase those things that I am after, as I am usually getting a better deal. However, that being said I think the company’s are starting to go to far with these kind of cards, and I for one, am starting to question some of the usage.

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Economic Thoughts – Mortgages

Interest RateHad a couple of big economic thoughts the other day that really are kind of obvious if you give it much thought – the first has to do with the in ability to get home loans and how that this really of the root causes of the slow and failing to recover economy. I am moving ahead with sharing though, as no major media outlet that I have seen has covered this directly. Several have come close and certainly lave it has the obvious conclusion. However, my faith in the powers that be seeing something so obvious is a little less a percentage I would rather bet, so here I go with the comments I have concerning the in-ability to get a home loan and how that is holding down our economy.

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Random Observations

RandomIt has been a few days since I have posted here and not for a lack of things to comment about. In fact, I have made a note of something to post about at about a rate of two-three per day. Obviously I have been a bit pushed for time the last couple of weeks. So, with that in mind and feeling that I really wanted to get some of this out there an almost random observations, though a good number of them are from the political arena. After all, the presidential race for 2011 got an official kick off in the last couple of weeks and that is always such a promising field for fodder coming from my mind as candidates say and do some surprising (and often dumb) things.

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Tax Day Observations

Uncle SamI have not done one of my short lists of observations in a while and I was thinking about it yesterday – what could I do as a theme for something around the middle of April. And then it occurred to me that it is that most dreaded day of tax deadlines. It is also, close to the day when the typical middle class American stops working for the government for the year and instead starts working for themselves, having usually paid the rough percentage due to the IRS by sometime close to mid to late April as well. Since those things are going are both current happenings, I thought it would be appropriate to express a few scattered thoughts about some things I have observed in that direction of late.

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New Insurance Law & Cost

Health Care Reform BillAnyone else there have an opinion on the fairly new Health Care Reform Law that is often called Obama-Care? I have been mulling this one over in my head for some time, considering various aspects of it as I thought it through and finally have some comments to make about the law. I have to admit, the libertarian part of me really gets a bit riled up about this one when I think about another thing the government is going to force me to do whether I want to do it or not. I get even more riled about it when I think about the folks that will then get coverage at a discount when I consider all the years in the past that I have paid for health insurance and scarcely used it. I will grant, the larger portion of that health insurance was picked up by the employer most of the time, but still, my pay would have in theory been more if not paying for it, right?

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Supply Side Economics & Tax Cuts

Income TaxI had a conversation with a good friend of mine the other day regarding thoughts on the economy and specifically what appears to be an impasse regarding the so-called Bush Era Tax Cuts. Knowing my own stance on the issue is a little bit torn, I found it ironic that his stance was as well. Fundamentally, during the conversation, it occurred that we both are largely believers in the idea of supply side economics. We both, however feel that in the current continued stagnant economy that it is not working. Interestingly though, we found a compromise that should make everyone happy.

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Gas Buddy

Gas BuddyNot sure what you were thinking when you read that title, but if you are any of my siblings you are wrong. Gas Buddy (actual site is is a pretty cool site that shows the gas prices in a particular area of most of the gas stations. It is updated in real-time by volunteers and generally for any area with decent populations stays pretty accurate. How exactly would you use the information? There are a couple of ways…

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Money Never Sleeps

Wall StreetThat is a reference to the subtitle of Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, the not so very recent movie that was (and is) billed as the sequel the much earlier Wall Street movie made in 1987. I fully admit to being a bit late in getting to see this one, but then again there is something grand about only paying a dollar to see something that just the week before would have cost me seven or eight greenbacks. I definitely recall seeing the original back in the late 1980’s, though I can’t put my finger on the definite setting.

I can say that when I saw it back then, it gave me some great deal of inspiration despite the obvious moral and ethical bankrupt characters that had the power and the money. Of course, that was also back in the day when a good friend of mine and I often debated just such things as the better situation between money and power and even questioned if in all cases with one you can have the other in the same quantity if desired. Of course, in some ways I am glad the course did not play as we planned or else we may very have ended up in the same boat as Gordan Geeko.

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Federal Reserve Screws Mid-America Gas

Oil Price ClimbingAnyone else noticing around a 10% jump in gasoline pricing this week? You can largely think the federal reserve banking system for that. Yeah, the same folks that were largely involved in the wall street bailout because several brokerage banks were too large to fail have screwed middle class America once again by causing what will likely end up being over $3.00 per gallon gasoline in the very near future. I am sure some of you are saying wait just a minute, what can the federal reserve do to effect gasoline pricing and wasn’t there a refinery fire this past week as well?

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