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Microsoft Windows 10News flash for anyone that may not be in the loop, today Microsoft has a big software announcement regarding Windows 10.  Basically it is going to be typical dog and pony show, touting the new features of Windows 10. Rumor has it that it will specifically focus on the home consumer instead of the business users.

If you keeping track of things, yes, the number system for the version is all wonky.  Way back when we had Windows 1.x, and 2.x, and 3.x – which lived a long while before being replaced with Windows 95.  After that we switched letters, included the Windows ME and XP (oh and I forgot Vista, which is what everyone wants to do anyway).  We have gone back to numbers, with Windows 7.  And while you didn’t miss much if you didn’t get it (in my opinion, unless you got a new touch screen computer) we had Windows 8.x.  And now, you didn’t miss it – there is apparently not a Windows 9.x nor any letters.  We are just simply skipping ahead to Windows 10.x.

The biggest things I have heard about with this OS is the return of a start menu and such, at least as easy option to fully turn that on – which for business users was at least one major downside to Windows 8.0.   (That fact also turned off a lot of consumers as well).

The other major new feature that I have heard about is the inclusion of the Spartan based browser.  From what I have heard, it is not as fat as IE (which means it should perform better) and has grouping of tabs.   That actually sounds pretty good, but still not likely enough to convince me to jump over to it.

Lastly, and this likely not going to be mentioned much, if at all today, it has a lot of backend administrative type of tools that are new or enhanced.  This should make live easier the enterprise user, once we decide to trust it at that level.  And given track record of adoption of about every other version, Windows 10 has a shot.

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  1. We had Windows 8 on our computer, and we didn’t like it, so we put Windows 7, and that is even better now. Great to know about Windows 10! I hope it is much better than 8 (like #7 was much better than Vista). Thanks!

    1. I think, from what I have read and seen, Windows 10 will be more like a cross between Windows 7 and Windows 8. Offering the best of both worlds so to speak.

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