Churchill Downs – Closing Saturday

Churchill DownsThose who know me should be aware that the last several years I have headed over to Churchill Downs for the Friday after Thanksgiving.  This year, however, I ended up heading over on the Saturday after Thanksgiving instead.  There was a little bit of delay in deciding to go, actually we (the wife and I) and about decided to not attend at all, and that left us without the ability to get tickets together for our family group when we did decide to go. Continue reading “Churchill Downs – Closing Saturday”

Keeneland lands Breeders’ Cup 2015

Breeders' CupIt was whispered and leaked last week, but was made official by both Keeneland and the Breeder’s Cup racing today, that Keeneland will host the Breeders’ Cup in 2015.  This is the ninth time in their history that the Breeders’ Cup will come to Kentucky, but it only the first that it will not be at Churchill Down down the road in Louisville.  It is considered a homecoming on two fronts – given the number the horses that go own to participate and win at the Breeders Cup that go through sales at Keeneland and that the whole idea for the cup was originally proposed by the owner of Gainesway Farms.

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Triple Crown, Rants, & More

Triple Crown TrophyIf you watched the Belmont Stakes and stuck around the comments after the race you have no doubt seen California Chrome’s partial owner complain about the Triple Crown setup being unfair. If not, you have likely heard about it since that time, as it has been all over the media, especially since he continued rants on Sunday. Followed by some crow and what I guess we take as a sincere apology this morning.  Let me just say, I personally think he should be ashamed and here is my reasoning. Continue reading “Triple Crown, Rants, & More”

Kentucky Basketball Rant

UK BasketballBefore I start, know that I am very much a University of Kentucky basketball fan. I have been for as long as I can remember, having come to age watching the teams of the late 1970’s and stuck with them through thick years of the late 1990’s and the thin years on each side of that. I will further say that I was pretty excited when Cal came on board. However, shortly after that I really questioned the heavy reliance on the recruitment of “one and dones.” I relaxed that stance a little bit with the win of it all in 2012… Continue reading “Kentucky Basketball Rant”

Observations: Sports

Discus Throw in BronzeThis morning I have had sports on my mind as I was sipping my coffee and eventually having my breakfast. Those moments are long past, but that is what is still on my mind and hence what I am going to blog about. In the past I have done a section called observations – where I have made short observations about a variety of topics, that typically are not a full blog entry in and of their own right. I am returning to that format today in regards to sports.

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Baseball and PEDs

Pete RoseThirteen suspensions later and the 2nd big wave of performance enhancing drugs is supposed to be over, right? I would not bet on it. Even though baseball has the harshest penalties going of any American based team sporting group, it just is not enough. Why wouldn’t any player that is on the edge of being great take a fifty game suspension for the big contract the following year?

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Observing Sports


Not my usual kind of thing, but there has been a LOT happening in the sporting world of late and I thought I would weigh in on some of it in one of my observing style posts of old, where in I just hit several somewhat connected topics under one post.  I think I am hitting almost all of it below – yep, I got college basketball, the Hall of Fame balloting for Cooperstown, college football, the NHL lockout being resolved, and a rant about fishing at the collegiate level.  I guess that does leave out NASCAR and horseracing, but if any of the above are your interest you are in look and if none are appealing check back later, as I am sure I will have something else in a few days.

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Kentucky Derby & Oaks Preview

Churchill DownsWow, where as the year gone already? First we have almost no winter and then we follow that up with weather the last week or so that seems more like late June or even early July… And some time in the last four months I have obviously blinked and Derby weekend is upon on us. Granted, I have not done my usual following of intensely watching all the horses in contention since the racing season really started back up for the horses on track to the Kentucky Oaks and Kentucky Derby this year, but I still have a few good picks and suggestions for two days if you are into wagering or even if you just want a horse to shout for as they are coming down the stretch. Continue reading “Kentucky Derby & Oaks Preview”