Twitter Changes

Old (basic) Auth from TwiterAbout a month ago Twitter made some fairly big changes and has continued to do so over the last few weeks. The changes are not necessarily bad, but they did cause some about of havoc on the various places I was using twitter feeds. The biggest change was in the security for pushing feeds to twitter. Previously the interface to the API had very minimum in the way of security. Now it requires creation of an actual application and the application itself must have both a public and private set of keys for authentication purposes. Once this is all set up, one then has to replace the places previous applications were being used with the newly created ones.

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Catch Phrases

I notices this past week at the seminar I was involved in that certain catch phrases and ideas catch on like wild-fire and become the words that everyone is using to define the direction we are moving toward. The little seminar itself could almost be described that way, as it was this big idea coming out API called Newspaper Next. I am reminded of things that I worked on back in 2002 or so-called Internet 2.0, which itself has been replaced by Web 2.0. Do not get me wrong, I think it was a wonderful seminar and there were some really good ideas that came out of it. I think it is good that the media industry has some folks starting to realize that business usual is going to lead to no business in a few years if things are not shaken up and changed a lot.

What really irks me about the catch phrases are those two or three people at the office and the one or two friends that you have. You know the ones, they hear a couple of new terms or catch phrases and really jump on the band wagon and run with it. Usually it is the person that really has no understanding the methodology or any real understanding of what they are really talking about that does that kind of thing.

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