White on white

whiteI have seen this problem a lot of late and I am not sure how come it is so recurring of an issue given the simple ability to fix it.  The problem is using the same foreground colors as the background color, or at least colors that are close on the color palette.  And while I would like to say it is a problem that I have only seen on the web, it is sadly, something I have seen a lot of television as well, both live broadcasts and yes, even staged shows that were filmed sometime ago…
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BytesForAll Logo/SymbolNo, that is not me sneezing the title of this post, it is actually Atahualpa. What is Atahualpa? It is a theme for WordPress. Though saying that is about like saying the Hubble is a telescope. It is a them that allows for complete customization of your theme with a very handy and yet easy to use set of screens that largely gives you options to choose from but allowing for the flexibility to customize in most cases as well. It then takes the information you an input and builds a file or two that are pulled in when the WordPress system needs to display things on the screen, to give yo the theme you have put together. I think I have mentioned it here before and was more than happy about it at the time. Today, I have a slightly different opinion.

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