Thirty Days

Thirty DaysI know… I know… It goes without saying that my fall attempt to get back to blogging fizzled.  However, new job and freshened outlook on things with more free time for my own pursuits and I am back.  Today marks thirty days until the New Year Holidays.  Rather than pushing for something to kick off the new year, I want push for things going out with a bang at the end of year.  Continue reading “Thirty Days”

Breath of New Life

Morning MistI have a plan in mind… A plan to revise this blog from the ashes that it has slipped into.  A plan that involves getting back to blogging consistently.  A plan involves some motivation and direction.  A plan to split off a couple of categories into different, narrowly focused weekly blogs.  What follows is the plan in words – next time the plan in action… Continue reading “Breath of New Life”

Blogging Challenges

Ultimate Blog ChallengeI am sure a lot of you are like me and tend toward more regular posting when you are participating in a blogging challenge. I am sure several of you have heard of the Ultimate Blog Challenge that does just that kind of thing on a seemingly monthly basis. For those of you who have not heard about the challenge, what is the big deal? For those that have, what other challenges are available out there?

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100 Day Challenge

Challenge CupJust a quick little post… there are several posting challenges that I am planning on participating in that are of course coming up in the next month or two. Namely there is is the NaBloPoMo that takes place in November (concurrently with NaNoWriMo) and another couple of others that I am going to detail more that are taking place in October. However, the one that has caught my attention more than any other is a 100 Day Challenge for the end of year. Continue reading “100 Day Challenge”

Call to Action – InfoLinks

InfoLinksAs was alluded to in my post yesterday, I need to get some focus while moving forward with a plan across my various blogs to move more toward a professional money generating endeavor instead of just an expensive hobby. To that end, over the next few weeks there are some plans that are starting to coming together to drive a little bit of income out of things. First up on this front is the implementation and integration of a web advertising service called InfoLinks. Continue reading “Call to Action – InfoLinks”

Post Calendar

Post CalendarPost Calendar is a very useful plugin for the WordPress blogging platform. I have, in the past had a problem of having the ideas for blog posts and getting them in my drafts. However, they tended to scroll way back sometimes before I got to them and the usefulness of the information was stall or even no longer relevant. Post Calendar helps me manage that and other situations by allowing to put drafts on a schedule and giving me a monthly (or other time period) overview of when I have what planned for the blog.


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WordPress 3.4

WordPress Logo
Image is 3-D version of WordPress Logo by 3Nhanced

I have been so out of the loop with WordPress of late, that I did not even realize we were about to get a new release of things until it popped up requesting an update on one of my sites this evening.  It hit at a good time as I made new full backups of all my sites last night.  I just had the short about time pulling a quick copy of my databases and then I quickly did that upgrade as well as updates to the themes and plugins that were quickly available.  So far it mostly looks good and shows some good work that has been done on the upgrade, with one minor exception that I have found on one of my sites.  Here are a few details about the release and the one problem I have seen.

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Writing Plans


A bit of a new plan is in order, especially since of late I have had a little bit of lack of motivation in regards to blogging. To be fair though, work has had some killer days on a few occasions and there have been some horse and family times/issues as well. And of course there is the simple fact that I have twice composed a blog and had it in the final editing stages when, for whatever unknown reasons, I have lost all or most of the entry. That of course makes for a flat line on the creativity and especially motivation graph. Continue reading “Writing Plans”