On the Nightstand

BullfinchI have in the past on occasion posted a note about what I am currently reading. To be honest, I have not done one in a while. Also, since Christmas when I received my wonderful Kindle I have been kicking the reading I do into high gear. As stated before, some of that is because of the easy access to lots of historical documents that no one owns copyright to anymore – which of course I find extremely interesting. There is also the extreme ease of making notes, even right there on the couch or even in bed about the passage I am currently reading without even putting the book down and always knowing my place marker is still going to be there. On the other hand, maybe it is just the ease at which I can support my habit of reading three and four books at one time without having to keep track of the books as would have been the case in the past. Anyway, what am I reading these days?

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Julie & Julia

Julie & JuliaIt is with some interest that I note I watched Julie & Julia this moving this morning with my other half. It was kind of odd thing and to be honest I was skeptical, having seen it on once before and having only watched about three minutes before deciding it was clearly not the movie for me and moving on to something else. However, in retrospect I think I may have erred a bit soon with my hasty judgement. If, on my previous aborted attempt to watch Julie & Julia, I had stuck it out about two more minutes I would have known the movie was actually based on and about a blogging experience. I have to admit, even this time, I was heading out of the room when I was pulled back in about the conversation of writing, blogging, and what subject to use brought me right back.

The movie itself is actually kind of odd, in that is based on two different books and flips back and forth between the two in what seems at times as a parallel timeline. In fact, the two settings vary somewhat in actual time settings, but are generally between roughly forty and fifty years apart. The first of the two books and the one clearly is the most influential part on the movie script is the book by Julie Powell by the name of Julie and Julia with some subtitle about 365 days and 500 and something recipes.

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Amazon Kindle

KindleMy loving wife and mother-in-law got me an Amazon Kindle for Christmas. I was still on the fence about them but decided that the number of free books and papers that were available on them for legal download was starting to make it make sense. Now that I have one, I think the name should be changed from Amazon Kindle to Amazin Kindle. I am truly thankful the gift and totally enamored with the device and it flexibility and usability. Of course, I am not sure I would have felt that way and would certainly have not put it on my list if had not been for the sweet price drop sometime in the late fall last year. So, some of the amazin features about the Kindle follow, but really when you get right down to it, the thing just so many incredible features that I am sure I am missing something.

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Bookstore Nostalgia

MiniaturesA few weeks back I was in a couple of my favorite bookstores doing a little bit of browsing and not much buying. While I was walking through the two stores I could not help but be drawn into a couple of the sections and reminded of somethings from the past that I have kind of left behind. A couple of those things that I came across, I have to admit, definitely label me as the geek type way back when, though I admit I have no problem with that aspect of things. Just a bit of warning for you though, I am probably going to sound really geeky in talking about the various subjects, which range from gaming, miniatures, reading fantasy, and just sitting in a bookstore browsing a possible purchase over a cup of coffee.

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Hypothetical Hierarchical Database ModelWhen I started this blog I had just an idea of writing about what ever was on my mind at the time. In the beginning I think I started with roughly four or five categories under which I tried fit all of my content. Often hitting those categories was a stretch at best and lot of imagination in general. Overtime more categories were added, but those post that occurred a long time ago were more suited for one of the new categories. If one thinks about it though, in the beginning when are categorizing it is to come up with criteria that fits. As content grows, it becomes harder and harder to make things work out. Enter in WordPress 3.0 with its sub-menu capabilities and the answer is found.

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Reading Now…

AgincourtI used to occasionally make of note of what I was currently reading and what I had recent just finished reading. Over the last year or so I have not had near the amount of time nor really a good situation to do a lot of reading. Being settled into a house of our own now, that aspect has changed and so I have returned to my first true love and have ferociously being devouring some books of late. Here are a few notes of the latest ones recent finished or currently being read. As a convenience I have made links to Amazon for all the books listed.

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My Sunday

One Way Into a Locked Truck!Today has been about as filled with ups and downs as I have had in a long time. It technically started at what most of you would call late last night, but I will officially go with it being today. I have near disasters followed by some very uplifting experiences. Given that I thought I would share some highlights of my Sunday with you all. I may use some of these to expand into a more full blog later this week, but not sure at this point if I will or not.

Library Thing

Library ThingSome of you may recall that in a post last week about what I was reading I got sidetracked a bit about not having an easy computerized catalog of my personal collection. I left that blog with a thought of how easy such a piece of software that was web-based would be to develop. I further though with the general past open state of things like Amazon, I would be able to pull in a large amounts of data with relatively few pieces of search information for a particular title. I even spent the evening making some notes and looking at API calls that would be required. And then a friend of mine posted on here that what I needed was something like LibraryThing.

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My Nightstand

Books on the NightstandI have been meaning to write another one these entries about what I am reading, watching and listening to for sometime. I knew I had written one a while back with intent of making it a regular kind of feature here on Mephistos at the time. As a favorite really bad B movie says, “Time Passes…” Now, nearly a year and half later I am returning to the concept. A few comments first of course, and then a quick rundown of what I am reading.

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