Google Earth Pro – Free!

Google EarthGoogle Earth Pro has been made free by the fine folks over at Google.  Note the word pro in there, as Google Earth itself has been free for basically ever anyway.  It is a pretty cool tool to play around with, but outside of the professionals that will be using the pro components it is really that much advantage and can get kind of cumbersome compared to the regular Google Earth. Continue reading “Google Earth Pro – Free!”

More Green

More GreenEarth day has come and gone and I did little to observe it, outside of my normal habits of recycling and really thinking hard about a lot of things that I do that I feel contribute an over all negative impact to the environment. That all being said, a few things I have done at the new place that I am settling into has made me realize that you do not have to achieve 100% from the get go, but rather many small steps will eventually go a long way.

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