Global Warming & Science

oops!Did anyone else notice the whimper that was heard coming out of the media the last few weeks in regards to the investigation into the science of the global warming? Did not figure you really did. Remember back a few years ago when a few scientist were questioning the theory and then someone suggested that some data had been falsified to further the support the theory? It got media play for weeks and even months, but when that is reputed by a study funded by the Koch brothers of all unbiased (or biased the other direction) people it gets no attention at all.

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Believe in Ghosts?

ghosts“Believe in ghosts?” That was the question that my wife asked me just a few days ago while were making our somewhat usual walk around the park. I suspect the question came up because it was an usually cold and dreary day, very late well past dark with the cloud clover and just felt like more a late October then early October. I think my quick and very definite answer of “No” took her by surprise just a little bit. But perhaps my follow-up answer to the question of spirits existing being a yes then seemed contradictory. A bit of an explanation on my personal believes in the matter of spirits, ghosts and energies then ensued. As the conversation was somewhat interesting and I thought of a few clarifications that may have been missed in the previous conversation, I thought I would share it here on Mephistos.

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More Green

More GreenEarth day has come and gone and I did little to observe it, outside of my normal habits of recycling and really thinking hard about a lot of things that I do that I feel contribute an over all negative impact to the environment. That all being said, a few things I have done at the new place that I am settling into has made me realize that you do not have to achieve 100% from the get go, but rather many small steps will eventually go a long way.

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Green Ideas

Tree Hugger

I have been thinking the last few days of several things that I (and sometimes along with my roommate) do that are fairly green and in many cases actually a cost savings over what it would be if you were doing the non-green alternative. I thought it might be a good list of things to share here. Yeah, I know most of these are easy and no brain power really required. However, just in case I have tried to list out the reasons why I personally think they are green.

  • Converting to the low-wattage light bulbs. I realize that they are bit more pricey than regular bulbs, but the equivalent light output for often times 1/4 or even less of the actual power to be used. Further, while the replacement bulbs are a bit pricey and it is questionable if they would actually pay for themselves with the power savings over their life time one thing is for sure. They do not typically burn out like normal light bulbs do. As a matter of fact, I have had some of these bulbs Continue reading “Green Ideas”

Going Green

Recently saw an article in a competitors paper (recall or note that I work for a group of newspapers) about a farm somewhere in Kentucky, I want to say to the eastern side of it. Anyway, the nature of the of the farm, with the little bit I read out of the article in passing, sounded a lot like a place for me. The owners/operators are running the farm using draft horse power, growing some produce, all intermixed with solar arrays along the drive to power the parts of the operation that draft power lacks suitability. The article made a point of referring to the 19th and 21st century mix that was involved with the seeming opposites of the operation.

I could so see myself doing just that kind of thing. I do think, as I have hinted at before, there is savings to be had to both the environment and the overall bottom line of a farming operation that uses horses. Of course there is also the huge satisfaction that is achieved with just using life animals with a living breathing soul. I have often thought that having a farm with solar arrays to power the house and the needs of a small shop. This leads me to the thought I have had a few times. How much energy and non-renewable resources are used to create the typical set of solar panels to power a large size house?

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Find More, Use Less

As I return to work and my regular routine, I heard an interesting series of reports regarding the plan of many congressional republicans to find more oil and use less. I think the absurdity of and upside down status from standard economical theories and laws is almost comical, so quickly: If there is more oil available, the supply is hence up; as supply is increased the price will go down. If the price goes down, as we have seen for the 30 years from 1975 to 2005 in this country, what happens to the basic idea of conservation and working toward a model with a much greater independence from oil as an energy source in the long-term?

What I really want to focus on though is the find more part of the equation. First, let me say, I don’t have too much problem with opening the coast lines on the Pacific and Atlantic coast up to some limited exploration and drilling. I do feel like the areas in Alaska are perhaps a little bit more in greater need of federal protection as lands that were set aside on that, but even that I am a bit up in the air about. However, the argument that opening these coastal areas up to exploration and drilling is in any way going to help the current energy price crisis is absolutely absurd.

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