Latin Motto

United States SealThe story goes something like this.  A high school student in Vermont, who is studying the great Latin language (a personal lament of mine that we did not have such available at my high school).  Anyway, she felt like Vermont, who has an English language state motto, needed to, like most other states and indeed the great United States itself, needed a Latin motto as well… Continue reading “Latin Motto”

Blogging and Writing

English GrammarAfter having been a blogger for a few years now, I have realized a few things. One of those is that my ability to write has much improved. Okay, I will admit that I am college graduate but sometimes the spew of things I allow to make to a page are embarrassing. Many errors have occurred in this blog (and others) but in general, I write with fewer errors now on first passes and catch those that are made a bit more often these days.

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Bad Language

Bad LanguageTwo thoughts for the price of one blog. First is the horrid use of the English language in some of my previous posts here on Mephistos, which includes half thoughts, typographical errors, outright misspellings, a few confused words and more. It really is ugly. The second has more to do with the bad language, or, ahem, naughty words, that I am sure a few of you were thinking when you read the title of the blog upon your arrived. More about that one here in a bit.

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Good Enough…

Leather JournalI have talked about this once before here in the blog. The idea that sometimes we get all caught up in the ideas of what perfect should be and how it has to be there before acting on the idea, so we end up not acting. I know when I mentioned it before, the whole point of it was to really motivate myself to stop doing that “step back and considering” before I acted on the impulse. Sometimes I do manage to act on the impulse, but rarely on things that are beneficial or helpful. More often, I tend to act on impulse in regards to spending money foolish fashion but tend to act on things only with much thought and consideration when things should just be done. Failure to act on such things tends to leave them undesirable or even ill-fated due to timing when all considerations have been made. Continue reading “Good Enough…”