Believe in Ghosts?

ghosts“Believe in ghosts?” That was the question that my wife asked me just a few days ago while were making our somewhat usual walk around the park. I suspect the question came up because it was an usually cold and dreary day, very late well past dark with the cloud clover and just felt like more a late October then early October. I think my quick and very definite answer of “No” took her by surprise just a little bit. But perhaps my follow-up answer to the question of spirits existing being a yes then seemed contradictory. A bit of an explanation on my personal believes in the matter of spirits, ghosts and energies then ensued. As the conversation was somewhat interesting and I thought of a few clarifications that may have been missed in the previous conversation, I thought I would share it here on Mephistos.

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Mosque Issues

World Trade CenterI am personally appalled at the spin job being done in regards to the mosque under consideration in New York City that is near to the area of Ground Zero. I am even more appalled at the lack of tolerance in other cities, where similar disdain to the rights of people to practice the religion of their choice here in these United States is clearly being ignored by citizens. The very same citizens that would be the first and loudest to protest if their own rights to worship as, how, and where they choose were suddenly limited in some way. I realize that my timing on this is a little late (I had planned to get this posted prior to or on 9/11), but unbelievably this is still playing out in the media, so I thought I would add my two cents into the fray on this issue. A list is forthcoming…

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