Geeky I'm SorryA good friend of mine had pointed this out to me once before and I had not been to concerned about it, but today both he and another pretty good friend pointed out to me that sometimes my stuff is getting put on my wall several times. I do apologize for that to everyone, as I know I have pointed out to folks before that was a little over the top. While I did set things up at a point sometime ago to automatically pick up the posts and drop them here on Facebook and over on Twitter and another place or two, I failed to pay really close attention to the fact that those two were circularly talking to each other and so sometimes, depending on traffic, the same post could easily show up four and five times on my wall and because of that it may end up in your feed the same as well.

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Obvious Understated by Press

Fact? Myth?There is a constant dribble of understated obvious things by the press and announcers. As if that is not enough of a complaint, way to often they completely miss the big elephant in the room. It has caused me to eerily creep toward frustration and often verbally telling them how much they miss or how wrong they are, which I think may at times disturb my wife. Then they go the other direction with things on occasion as well, overstating things as fact that are clearly not something that they can really do – at least from a factual point. While I started this post sometime ago and have now forgotten the original issues, the constant occurrence of such incidents has caused me to revisit it and here are but two examples that really just bug.

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Catch Phrases

I notices this past week at the seminar I was involved in that certain catch phrases and ideas catch on like wild-fire and become the words that everyone is using to define the direction we are moving toward. The little seminar itself could almost be described that way, as it was this big idea coming out API called Newspaper Next. I am reminded of things that I worked on back in 2002 or so-called Internet 2.0, which itself has been replaced by Web 2.0. Do not get me wrong, I think it was a wonderful seminar and there were some really good ideas that came out of it. I think it is good that the media industry has some folks starting to realize that business usual is going to lead to no business in a few years if things are not shaken up and changed a lot.

What really irks me about the catch phrases are those two or three people at the office and the one or two friends that you have. You know the ones, they hear a couple of new terms or catch phrases and really jump on the band wagon and run with it. Usually it is the person that really has no understanding the methodology or any real understanding of what they are really talking about that does that kind of thing.

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