Ten Coils Instead of Spark-Plug Wires

V10 TritonI recently purchased a new (to me) truck after the one I had purchased only a year before had continued issues (that is another long story of sorrow and woe regarding warranty work and less that honorable small time car dealerships, but I digress). So the new truck have purchased is not the in between truck as I purchased before, but rather back to a full size heavier duty truck to really haul horses and such, which is of course exactly what I need to have. I can do that now, given that my lovely wife has her own vehicle that can be used for most things and especially since, excepting on day a week most of the time I do not drive the truck to work. This particular truck is a Ford F250 Super Duty with the extended cab, long bed, and so on. It is however, not a diesel nor a manual transmission, the former being out of my general price range and the later being just to hard to find. It is however, the V-10 Triton engine, so plenty of power for getting down the road – though not many passing by fueling stations.

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