Ten Coils Instead of Spark-Plug Wires

V10 TritonI recently purchased a new (to me) truck after the one I had purchased only a year before had continued issues (that is another long story of sorrow and woe regarding warranty work and less that honorable small time car dealerships, but I digress). So the new truck have purchased is not the in between truck as I purchased before, but rather back to a full size heavier duty truck to really haul horses and such, which is of course exactly what I need to have. I can do that now, given that my lovely wife has her own vehicle that can be used for most things and especially since, excepting on day a week most of the time I do not drive the truck to work. This particular truck is a Ford F250 Super Duty with the extended cab, long bed, and so on. It is however, not a diesel nor a manual transmission, the former being out of my general price range and the later being just to hard to find. It is however, the V-10 Triton engine, so plenty of power for getting down the road – though not many passing by fueling stations.

So far I am very pleased with the truck. It seems to be all that I really need for what I do with a truck and that primarily being the farm stuff here and there and especially hauling horses and gear when I head off down the road on one of my jousting or other medieval trips. It will also be nice if I pick up a few odd jobs hauling horses as I did at various times last year. It is in overall, pretty good shape and certainly not pristine which would not make sence for what I use it as anyway. There are really only two things of note that one could complain about. First, is the radio. It has the factory standard AM/FM radio, which does not even include a CD playing capability much less support for an accessory type of device like an MP3. That is not a problem to contend with and I think, though I have yet to fully investigate, I have a decent one downstairs I can put into it.

What is a bit of an issue is the need for a minor tune up and based on investigation and observation a replacement of the spark plugs and the spark plug wires coming off the coil. Well, at least that is what I thought when I started into this process, which shouldn’t be such a big deal right? Well, except it does NOT have spark plug wires, at least not in the normal sense. You got it. Nor does it have a single coil from which the wires should come from. Weird enough? What it does have it is mini coil of sorts that gets a very minor electric charge telling it when to send the firing order to the plug attached right above and to the top of each spark plug.

It is interesting to say the least and I suppose I am finding it a bit annoying at this point. Where as before I would have replaced wires and plugs and then moved on the distributor, now instead I read that the mini-coil units themselves somewhat regularly go bad. The only way to really check is to take to a diagnostic hook up and see what it feeds out. Of course, you can not really replace them all, as the expense. I checked and the cost at one place for each mini-coil was $45 per. That means at times 10, plus plugs and labor it is a $600+ job.

I am going to have to check it out some, as I have read about someone getting the coils at $4.50 each – though no place I have checked has them that cheap. At that price I could just do them all, which it probably needs to be truthful. Wish me luck going forward on finding such a deal.

** – Image from Ford promotional material.