White on white

whiteI have seen this problem a lot of late and I am not sure how come it is so recurring of an issue given the simple ability to fix it.  The problem is using the same foreground colors as the background color, or at least colors that are close on the color palette.  And while I would like to say it is a problem that I have only seen on the web, it is sadly, something I have seen a lot of television as well, both live broadcasts and yes, even staged shows that were filmed sometime ago…

Yes, I did just post a white box above as the photo to make a point.  Things that match just seem to disappear.  I am not sure why in today’s world anyone would still be doing web things using very light-colored fonts on very light-colored backgrounds or vice-versa with the background and font both of dark shades.

I am even more confused why on live television broadcasts that have hosts and such in white attire in front of a white back ground.  The particular case that was so incredible from sometime over the last couple of days, the person looked like a disembodied head and pair of hands.  I am not sure why this was allowed past wardrobe and such, as this particular case actually had a backdrop in place that the broadcast crew was in front of.

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  1. I agree, and yet when we do high contrast people complain. I had my blog set up to highly contrast the background from the text, and people actually messaged me saying it was hard on the eyes. I could read it just fine and it didn’t bother my eyes, but in the end, since I want others to stick with my blog and read it, I chose a different color scheme. The contrast is not so high, but I still kept it high enough as to make sure it was readable.

  2. I will agree somewhat about the high contrast. If you go uber dark background and super bright white text it can especially be a bit jarring if it is something you are not used to. Personally I don’t have a problem with it, but then again I some of my early computing days were a choice of green on black and green on black – kind of like the cars that came in color of black. 🙂 I have been to your site and I think your current scheme has enough contrast to be fine.

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