WordPress VS. Joomla

A major change for this website. Not sure how many remember that are still clicking here, but apparently from traffic counts, more than a few. I used to run a business selling collectibles on this website. Have toyed with a couple of different things since then. Nothing really struck a chord strong enough to be taken full-out despite several ideas for the usage of the name.

Anyway – last night I finally decided that setting up a full-blown blog with several different categories here on this site was the right thing to do. So, I un-installed the Joomla content management system that I had most recently been toying with, installed WordPress, ported over my stuff from that site, downloaded a few themes, and ta-da – what you see is that result. Looking pretty good, excepting my incorporation of Google’s AdSense stuff over there in the left hand frame. I am thinking that is a minor something, but I am hoping to get that figured out shortly. Anyway, the design is so much less to set up then a full-blown CMS (had been toying with the idea, but thanks Chris – aka www.mechguy.com, for the final convincing from his own recent change to a blog setting) – really only utilizing the components that I will be needed and I can add in things as required using plugins (which there are 100’s of things available). Hopefully the nature of this being a blog will encourage a more regular stream of updates from me.